Dr. Anthony A. Schepsis

Coastal Orthopedics
Beverly, MA
Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
Boston University School of Medicine

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Cartilage Repair/OATS

                                                                        Anthony A. Schepsis, M.D.

   Coastal Orthopedics

       Beverly- Lahey Health


Rehabilitation Protocol:  OATS Procedure

  1. Definition:  Osteochondral Autograftt/Allograft Transfer System (OATS)- a method for autogenous/ allograft hyaline cartilage resurfacing of full thickness chondral defects of the weight bearing areas of the femoral chondyles.

DOS:  _____________________  Defect location _____________________________________

  1. Immediate post op period:  0-6 weeks
  1. Non-weight bearing ____ weeks from date of surgery, then partial weight bear for ____ weeks.
  2. Brace locked in extension while ambulating for _____ weeks
  3. CPM (continuous passive motion) instructions
  1. Femoral condyle ________ °, increase by ________° daily for a goal of _____° by 3 weeks
  2. Trochlea defect ________°, then the same as above
  3. Patellar defect ____________________________________________
  4. CPM use 6-10 hours per day in 2 hour increments
  1. Active, Active Assisted, and Passive range of motion
  2. Isometric quad, VMO strengthening
  3. Water activities allowed for straight leg swim, and kick (no breast stroke or side kick)
  4. Maintain Flexibility and mobility of uninvolved leg and unaffected joints of involved leg
  5. RESTRICTIONS: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1. 6-8 weeks Phase:
  1. Progress to Full Weight bear gradually by the ____ week
  2. Start treadmill / slow gait training
  3. Range of motion – full
  4. Strengthening- isometric and closed chain quad & hamstring
  5. Resistive exercises of hamstring, calves, hip
  6. Stationary Bike
  1. 12 weeks- 5 months
  1. Progress treadmill with incline for mild impact
  2. ____  Jog, ____ running
  3. Full ROM
  4. Strengthening- increase workload
  1. 6 + months:
  1. Initiate impact training, fast walk, light jog on treadmill with incline.
  2. Full ROM
  3. Strengthening- more advance training
  4. FCT-plyometric training, jumping, side steps possible.
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